Another space saving tip is to compress the files on Google Drive by storing them in zip archives. Some files compress more than others and Docs, Sheets and Slides should not be compressed because they do not count towards the space usage. Images like .png, .gif and .jpg do not compress well and are barely worth the effort. Viewing files sorted by size means you can delete the biggest files and free up the most space, providing they are not needed of course.

Right click a file, set of files, folder, or combination and choose WinZip, Zip and Email. WinZip will automatically zip your file and launch your email application with the Zip file attached. Alternatively, you can open WinZip and create a Zip by selecting files, folder, or combination from Add to Zip From My PC or Cloud option. If you want to apply any conversions to your files, make your selections in Covert Files As They Are Added before they are added. Also it’s very easy to share my .zip file with others. Click “My Storage” and “Add Cloud”, select “Google Drive” or “Dropbox” and hit “Add” to add and authorize your cloud drive accounts.

How To Zip And Unzip Files In Windows 10

SU Podium’s image „resolution“ settings are based on pixel dimensions such as 800 X 600 or 1920 X 1080. Podium allows for pixel dimensions that are greater than most video monitor sizes such as 4,076 X 3,304 pixels. You can even enter a custom size such as 8,000 X 6,000. Why do we offer higher pixel dimensions than what most monitors provide? The higher the pixel size image you have, the greater the paper size and document resolution you can print to. When it comes time to print your image, there are some calculations to be made.

  • But then the jpg patent holder decided to just let their patent run out.
  • Here’s a guide to convert the CR2 to a PDF.Convert AI to JPG – A comprehensive manual The AI file type is an Adobe Illustrator file.
  • 1.Attempt to open an HEIC file with the Photos app.
  • To get started, you need to install the server application and the Android app.
  • I’m aware that the bigger file SIZE would result in significantly better PRINTED photos… but that is NOT what I’m trying to do.

As for creating these cool WebP files for WordPress, you can use a plugin to do this for you. In fact, the Smush Pro CDN converts images to WebP. If someone visits your site on a browser that supports WebP, Smush will convert your images and serve up WebP images. If they’re on a browser that doesn’t support WebP, they’ll get your everyday JPEG or PNG. The other version is known as WebP Lossless, and it is more like a PNG. You’ll get a higher file size, but you won’t lose detail. Ideally, your image will first go through the lossy compression phase and then a lossless phase where what is left will be optimized.

Toxic Algae Fouled The Water Supply Arcadis Designed A More Resilient Water System

Just make sure to use high-res files with low compression to avoid quality loss. The biggest advantage of JPG files is, quite obviously, the great ratio between image compression and quality.