Run antiviruses scan frequently – A proactive approach is better than a reactive approach. Running your antivirus often can kill viruses and malware that can damage your computer and cause runtime errors. There are options in your antivirus software to run after frequent periods. Once your system loads up after restarting, check your internet explorer to see if the runtime error is gone or not. Type Mismatch – It is another error that comes in the Windows version. A type mismatch runtime error happens when your program is trying to store an invalid type of value. For example, you are trying to enter a number value in your name field.

Modding, overclocking and treasuring computer hardware has since become an integral part of my life. As a student, I further developed a keen interest in mobile technologies that can make the stressful college life so much easier. After I fell in love with the creation of digital content while working in a marketing position, I now scour the web to bring you the most exciting topics in the world of tech. Outside the office, I’m particularly passionate about motorsports and mountain biking.

The eponymous Windows Update service focuses on updating the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. As the service has evolved over the years, so has its Read More Here client software. For a decade, the primary client component of the service was the Windows Update web app that could only be run inside Internet Explorer. Starting with Windows Vista, the primary client component became Windows Update Agent, an integral component of the operating system.

  • If a corruption error in the Windows Update components was causing the issue, resetting the components will resolve it.
  • Install a few at a time, restart the computer, and see if all is still well.
  • Select the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall options on the Customize Settings window.

Buy Now($19.95)● Download and run the software on your PC. Insert a blank CD/DVD/USB to your disc drive, select it in the software, and click on the Burn button to burn the program onto your disc.

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Please read Remove All Remnants of the Windows Vista SP1 Installation by Greg Shultz for instructions about how you can recover disk space gobbled up by the SP1 installer. Clicking View Available Updates reveals the 28 important updates since the release of SP1 — already marked for update. Install all security updates, patches, and fixes before connecting to the Internet. You will need to enable Previous Versions if you are using this feature in Vista Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise for a specific logical drive or folder. If you aren’t using Previous Versions, you should be, especially if you are a programmer. For information about how to turn this feature on in Vista, see Previous Versions in Vista Business, Ultimate, and Enterprise in the #2 Give examples section. You can replace your existing installation, even from within the existing installation, or you can load Windows onto a different partition that you prepared in item four.

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Therefore, the user should ‘check for updates’ regularly and must update when the windows are offering one. What do you do if re starting explorer.exe doesn’t work? The only solution for the problem I’m having is that my start menu, cortana, and my whole task bar is not working. I end explorer.exe task then re start it like the tutorial says, but that doesn’t fix anything. I still get the Class not registered error, and I can’t use any of the other methods to fix the problem.

Then choose „Advanced system settings“ on the left panel. Check whether this works for 100 disk usage Windows 10. Locate „Windows Search“ and double-click it to enter its „Properties“ window. Check if your disk usage and the performance of your computer improve. If YES, you should permanently disable Windows Search as described below. Are you troubled by disk usage 100 Windows 10 and wonder „why is my disk always at 100“, „how to lower disk usage“?